Law essay writing service that is always there when you need it

Imagine a situation when you get stuck with your law paper and have no ideas about how to write it. There are two ways you can go: press the panic button or ask someone to help with your homework. Of course, you can doubt the quality of your paper when ordering it from an academic website. But we are here to help you find the best law essay writing service in order to feel safe.

To put it short, there are some basic things that distinguish a good company from an insecure one, including expert writers, compliance with deadlines, free revisions, refund policy, etc. To help you better understand them, we will cover them in detail.

What makes our law essay help different

To start with, we have been helping students from all over the world with their law, economics, and finance papers since 2002. At present, we know the requirements of each type of task in these disciplines your college or university can have. In addition, thanks to our narrow specialization, our writers know the ins and outs of crafting a high-quality paper, which will help you understand your topic better and get higher grades.

Below, you’ll find our main distinctive features, which has made us the #1 law homework site over the years.

Timely law dissertation help from the best academic experts

We know how important it is to turn in your paper on time. That’s why we strictly comply with the deadline you choose when filling out the order form. Thus, if you’ve chosen a 4-hour or 8-hour deadline, it means you’ll receive your law homework by this time.

As for our writers, you can be 100% sure they are professional. To guarantee this, we’ve developed a two-step hiring process.

If a person applied for the position of an academic writer with us, he or she has to pass a test in the English language. This helps to identify if his or her level is sufficient enough to express themselves in clear, scientific language.

The next step is to cope with a test task in writing, proving a person is skilled in the specific discipline he or she will work within.

In addition to these tasks, we check his or her diploma and give priority to those who have a corresponding education related to law, finance, or economics. Also, if we hire newcomers in law essay writing, we offer them a number of onboarding training sessions to help them adjust their style and tone of voice. Finally, we give performance reviews every 6 months in order to promote the most skillful writers.

It might be also useful for you to know we have 3 categories of writers you can choose from when placing your order on our website:

  • Best available. These are writers who can instantly start on your law paper.
  • Advanced. This category comprises experts who have lots of experience and received plenty of positive feedback from our customers. Their services will cost you an additional 25% of your order.
  • ENL. This abbreviation stands for “English as a native language” and means you can choose a writer from the USA, Canada, the UK, or Australia. If you want your assignment to be perfect to the maximum, choose a writer for whom English is a mother tongue. However, you’ll need to pay an extra 30% of the overall cost of your paper.

The diversity of law research paper topics we cover

We have more than 450 active writers from all over the world who specialize in law. Thus, we can find an appropriate expert for your assignment no matter what your topic is. Below, you can find examples of 10 law research paper topics we can help you with:

  1. Cybercrimes: how governments can cope with them
  2. The GDPR and its meaning for huge enterprises
  3. Pros and cons of capital punishment
  4. Changes in crime statistics in the USA (or any other country of your choice) over the past 50 years
  5. What governments should do to prevent crimes
  6. The psychology behind crimes
  7. The theory of broken windows: how the environment influences crime levels
  8. Why sentences for one and the same crime can differ significantly
  9. Should the government pay more attention to gun control?
  10. Testing on animals: how to prevent the cruel treatment of animals

Of course, we can cover many more topics for you, as well as can suggest one if you haven’t made up your mind yet. In this case, leave the comment “Writer’s choice” in the field “Topic” on our order form and we will offer you several of them to select from.

Number of guarantees to make you feel safe

One of the most important things for us is your satisfaction with our law essay writing services. For this reason, we have developed a set of sophisticated guarantees to assure you it’s absolutely safe and legal to use our help.

Plagiarism-free guarantee

This means your paper will be absolutely original. We write all assignments from scratch, strictly according to your instructions. Additionally, we check all of them with our in-house plagiarism-detection software to make sure all quotes and paraphrased parts are cited properly and your paper is 100% unique.

Money-back guarantee

Internally, we also call it a satisfaction guarantee. In fact, this is our refund policy. According to it, you can claim your money back in case you are not satisfied with the quality of the paper you’ve received from us. It also applies to cases when you’ve accidentally placed two identical orders or have changed your mind and decided to write your paper on your own.

With quality-based claims, you can get from 10% to 100% of the initial order price after our dispute resolution manager will consider your refund application. If there was any mistake during order placement or we have failed to deliver an additional paid option, you will get full compensation.

Revision policy

Striving for the top-notch quality of our services, we are ready to revise and edit your paper until you are completely happy with it. Please, note this option is absolutely free of charge, but it works only in case your application for revision doesn’t contradict your initial requirements.

Privacy policy

We understand how crucial your privacy is. That’s why we treat your sensitive information with maximum care, and never share your personal details with any third party.

On top of that, we are always open for your questions, suggestions, and any other requests, as our support team works 24/7.

Extra options you can add to your law paper

If you want to get more from our services, we have some bonus things for you. You can choose them on the order form while telling us the requirements for your paper.

  • Writer’s samples. If you want to make sure we’ve chosen the best writer for you, you can check examples of his or her previous works. We will send you 3 randomly generated paper from the papers they have written before. This will help you understand if you are happy with the style of the particular expert. If not, you will be able to request another writer within 2 hours from the moment you’ve received the samples.
  • Copy of sources used. Thanks to this option, you can have a look at the articles, PDF documents, or other scholarly publications your writer used while preparing your law dissertation, essay, research paper, or any other assignment you’ve ordered from us. This will help you understand your topic better, prepare for submitting your paper, and discuss the key points of your assignment with your teacher.
  • Progressive delivery. This service is extremely helpful if you want to order law dissertation writing from us. This option allows you to receive a huge paper (exceeding 30 pages) in parts and pay for such an order in installments. One of the best things about it is you can check your dissertation or thesis progress while our writer works on the next section. Also, this will help you plan your budget and distribute it equally. Yet, this service will cost you an additional 10% of the total price of your order.

In the end, let us share a lifehack with you: if you want to reduce the cost of your law paper, you can place an order in advance. Thus, the more time our writer has to work on your assignment, the cheaper the price will be.

Finally, we have a special loyalty program for our returning customers, according to which you can get up to a 15% lifetime discount. So, why not start your path towards it right now? Place an order with us and get a high-quality law assignment right when you need it. Otherwise, we will return your money back.